Monday, April 9, 2012


By Tisoy

People are funny. You see, Holy Week is a long religious vacation that they use for outings. But in fairness, those living in the city need a respite too.

We hied to Tagaytay on a Good Friday morning. Nature’s Discovery Camp is a 4-hectare resort with a swimming pool and a mini-forest. Huts are available and tents are welcome.
That's Bogart behind me

We rented the 2 huts near the edge so we got a little privacy of sorts. And what good was that to me? I was let loose. No more leash, hehehe. But the weather was quite warm so Ninong had to take a bath twice.

By the way, Bogart came with us. He is the shih tzu of our cousins who also were with us for the overnight camp out. Of course, we had our tents. This was the first time that I would be sleeping inside a tent.
With my Ate Duday

Another good thing was we did not bring dog food. That means I would be eating table food. For the Good Friday lunch we had fried fish, the small and crunchy bangus. We had broiled tilapia for dinner.

There were countless of tents on the other side of the resort. I heard that there were 70 campers. I was on a leash when Bogart and I strolled in that place.
Getting ready for a stroll

In the late afternoon, they pitched the 3 tents. That’s one for us and 2 for the family of Bogart. I wonder how Ninong, Ninang and I would fit in that small tent.

The night was a bit warm so Ninong slept in one of the hut while I stayed inside the tent with Ninang. I was standing guard by her feet. That’s my way of protecting her.
Me on my mat

After midnight, the weather got cooler and Ninong felt cold so he went inside the tent. I then had a good night’s sleep by the feet of Ninong and Ninang.

Black Saturday morning was spent on strolling in the vast expanse of the mini forest. I got really tired considering my feet have deformities. But I felt fine since I was enjoying every bit of it.
Ninang and me in our tent

After lunch, everyone started to undo the tents. I guess it was time to go. And we had a sidetrip at Crosswinds, a village for the rich. What a very enjoyable camp out.