Thursday, October 18, 2012


By Tisoy

Before attending a weekend meeting in Makati, Ninong decided to bring us along so we can stroll in Boni Hi Street located inside BGC (Bonifacio Global City) in Taguig.

To make an allowance for the traffic, we left early so Ninong wouldn’t be late for his 2 pm appointment. Of course, our caretakers had to come with us because Barbie and Pipoy need to be taken care of.

We had lunch at Abe which serves Pampanga delicacies. Their kare-kare was good, according to Ninang, except that the bagoong was not cooked well. The crispy beef was also okay. But the price was not, hahaha.

Under the table at ABE restaurant

While having lunch, Barbie kept on barking at the passing dogs while Pipoy barked at the people. Ninong didn’t feel good on the misbehaving puppies.

We dogs also had lunch in Abe. But I was not in the mood to eat so Liezl had to hand-feed me. Pipoy ate fast and Barbie was slow but she had finished her food.

Posing by the decor of the BSH

When Ninong took a taxi for his meeting, we proceeded to Hobbes and Landes so we can rest a bit in the airconditioned store. It’s pet-friendly but it appeared crowded.

After finishing the dessert, Ninang decided to leave. The place didn’t appear to be pet-friendly anymore, especially the prices of their goods, hahaha.

The fountain area where the air was cool

We stayed near the fountain. It was nice because the water made the air cooler. Barbie and Pipoy were misbehaving most of the times so our caretakers were having a hard time pacifying them.

There were plenty of dogs in Boni Hi Street, most were strolling and gallivanting in the grassy area. But all dogs were in a leash.

Once in a while we would walk then come back to that spot near the fountain. After some time, Ninang felt hungry again so we went to Krispy Kreme. They had donuts which I didn’t like.

There was a white pekingese who looked like Barbie. They were barking at each other. After a while, Pipoy and Barbie fell asleep.

Passing by the grassy area on the way to the parking lot

And before darkness fell, Ninong arrived. He was happy because the meeting was fruitful. And we were also happy and looking forward to our next dog’s day out.


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