Thursday, March 29, 2012


On the previous night, bags and things were piled up by the door. I saw my yellow dish plate being packed inside my travelling kit. So we have an upcoming trip.

Unlike the usual trips, we did not leave early this time. Ninong cooked spaghetti and after breakfast, we boarded the car after 7 am. Not bad because for a Sunday, the traffic would be light.

In the middle of the trip, we gassed up. Lo and behold, my collar and leash were left in the house. This is a problem because Ninang doesn’t want me to be loose in an alien place. Who knows what might happen.

Ninong drove slowly to give them time to think. Where to buy collar and leash on a Sunday morning? In the South Luzon Expressway, we stopped twice to check on the convenient stores of the gas stations. But no luck.

After exiting the SLEX, Ninang thought of Waltermart along the Calamba highway. Nice idea. But the mall was still closed and to open at 10 am. It was only 8:40 so it would be a long wait.

Fortunately we found SM Hypermart that would open at 9 am. We waited and after purchasing a new collar and leash for me, off we went to the hot spring pool.
With my Ninong and Ninang

Wow, this pool is much better than last year’s haunt. So spacious and with nice views. The rooms are airconditioned and each with toilet and bath. Overall, the rating is 4 stars.

Ninong took off my leash so I could move around the pool. And I did. Expectedly, I got wet and my tummy was dripping. But it was a nice experience.
Gemma confining me to the bench

After an hour of gallivanting by the pool side, Ninang called Gemma to dry me up. I was then confined to the concrete bench to watch the people in the pool.

After lunch I was again let loose. I just lay by the pool side, waiting for the shot of a camera, hehehe. All of a sudden, there was water coming from the, oh, there was a fountain. Yes, a fountain by the poolside. And I got wet again, hahaha.
The lifeguard at your service

After more pictorials, we had merienda. I noticed they were singing happy birthday. It was the birthday of our Lola Charing. So there was a cake and some gifts.
The cake of Mamu for her 78th birthday

On our way home, I couldn’t sleep. Honestly, I was missing my Kuya Epoy. Since I was a puppy, Kuya Epoy was always there beside me. Sad, really sad.