Monday, December 31, 2012


For our annual joyride of the holiday season, we hied off right after lunch of December 30, 2012.

All our dogs were so excited. Even while packing their gear, Tisoy was already whining in anticipation of the car ride. Barbie could also feel with excitement with her eyes while Pipoy was just quiet in his cage.

Just arrived in Eastwood City. Pipoy was barking while Barbie was agitated

When it was time to ride the car, there was agitation in the air. Everybody was rushing as if there was not enough space in the car.

During the travel, Pipoy was panting but not from fatigue but due to extreme excitement. That’s the nature of pugs, easily excited with any activity. We had to pacify Pipoy by mushing his chin and neck.

Corie with Pipoy

First stop was Eastwood City. The cool air of the mall was very inviting especially for Pipoy who was barking all the time ever since we entered the mall. But then again, he was easily pacified when I carried him.

A pictorial inside the mall

When Pipoy was silenced, it was Barbie’s turn to bark at a shih tzu which was dressed in a skirt. Tisoy was really different because he doesn’t mind the elements and obviously was just enjoying the environment.

Alex with the pug Pipoy

After the ice cream cone and some pictorial we proceeded to BGC (Bonifacio Global City) in Taguig. The open air was more accommodating and the puppies, Pipoy and Barbie, savored the litters on the center lawn after drinking cool water.

The dogs are waiting for a drink

In less than a minute, we had difficulty retrieving the cigarette butt inside Barbie’s mouth. After that, Barbie settled for a clump of dried grass.

We had merienda in Brother’s Burger. Tisoy relished the french fries since it was made from real potatoes (unlike the fake french fries of a popular fastfood).

Tisoy looking after their bag

After the humans had snacked, milky sticks for the dogs was in order. It was funny because while giving the treat to Tisoy, Barbie and Pipoy, here came some dogs who probably had smelled the milky sticks.

In a little while, off we went to Ayala Triangle. It was a good thing that we were there 30 minutes before the first show. We were able to secure a bench. Clearly tired, Pipoy and Barbie both took a nap.

Securing a bench for the tired dogs while waiting for the lights show to start

At exactly 6 pm, the light show began. It was a medly of English songs which was a recording of the ABS-CBN’s Philharmonic performance conducted by Gerard Salonga.

The kaleidoscopic show was enchanting with the movement of lights in consonance with the music. Definitely, it was a show so unique and to be remembered.

Barbie and Pipoy both sleepy

Even during the show, lots of cameras could be seen almost everywhere. Pictorials were so common so we had our own pictorial with the lights as well.

Cory with Barbie, a pictorial by the lights

For dinner, we took out Bon Chon chicken and decided to just have dinner at home because the dogs appear so very, very tired already. Tisoy was limping again - his defective front foot is easily stressed out.

Jen and Liezel with Barbie and Pipoy by the lights

Even if they couldn’t speak, we are sure that our dogs had truly enjoyed our holiday season joyride.


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