Thursday, April 28, 2011


Mga Q/A ng Kahayupan

Q: What do you get if you cross a Pit Bull and a Shit Tzu?
A: Bull Shit.

Q: What is the national anthem of animals?
A: Panatang Makabayo.

Q: What do you call a horse with acne?
A: Tigidig.
Tisoy, Epoy and Twinkle in the living room

Q: Kung meron tayong marines, swat at commando, ano meron ang mga hayop?
A: Commandogs.

Sign on the gate: Mag-ingat sa pusa… nangungurot.
Sign on our gate: Mag-ingat sa aso… umuutot.

Q: Ano raw ang pinakamabilis ng hayop sa Pilipinas?
A: Philippine Rabbit…. yung bus, ha?

Q: Anong isda ang madaldal?
A: Talakitalk.
Q: Anong isda ang laging sapul ng bato?
A: Talakitoink.
Krystle Cando and Krissy

Q: Anong isda ang laging late sa appointment?
A: Maya-maya.

There are 2 fish talking. The first one said, “How did you get in here? The second one replied, “The same way you did.” The first one asked, “So how do you get out?” There was no answer. That’s the way sardines talk inside the can.

Q: Anong isda ang aphrodisiac?
A: Ano pa eh di yung pampaano.
Veronica Tom with Angela the pug

Q: Kung sa horsepital dadalhin ang may sakit na kabayo
At sa Dogtor ipapagamot ang may sakit na aso,
Ano ang ipapahid kapag may sakit ang baboy?
A: Oinkment.

Q: Ano sa Tagalog ang Beauty?
A: Alindog.
Q: Ano sa Tagalog kapag hindi makita ang Beauty?
A: Aling dog.

Q: Ano ang paboritong summer drink ng mga kambing?
A: Gulaman at sagoat.
In the hot spring pool

Q: If a small dog in Tagalog is Kapiraso,
And a small piglet is Pigliit,
What do you call a small goat?
A: Kapiranggoat.

Q: Kung nakatungo ang biik dahil nahihiya siyang baboy ang ina niya,
Bakit nakatungo ang tuta?
A: Nahihiya rin siya kasi ang ina niya nakikipagtalik sa kalye.

Q: How do you call in Tagalog a small elephant?
A: Elepandak.
Q: Where do elephants do for their iron shoes?
A: Elepanday.
Q: What do you call an elephant who look like you?
A: Elepangit.
Strolling in the Mall of Asia

Q: What do you call a carabao if she is the 2nd wife?
A: Kalaguya.

Q: What is the Tagalog for grasshopper?
A: Tipaklong.
Q: What is the Tagalog for small grasshopper?
A: Tipakshort.
Q: What do you call the person who wrote this?
A: May tipyak sa ulo.
Twinkle pecks Epoy

Monday, April 18, 2011


Eastwood is located in Libis, Quezon City, Philippines. It is a nice place for pets simply because it’s pet-friendly.
Ninang and Epoy relaxing on the 3rd floor of the mall

Tisoy and Unica Navarro

Epoy and Tisoy really enjoy going to Eastwood because of the cool airconditioned mall. Aside from being very clean, the mall looks elegant with their décor.
Tisoy and Epoy enjoying the mall

But the best thing about Eastwood is the presence of many pets particularly dogs. It’s so nice for our dogs to socialize once in a while.
Epoy with his fans

Epoy enjoys the pictorials requested by some of his newfound fans. So he is like a celebrity because pekingese is a somewhat rare breed now unlike shih tzu and chihuahua.
Epoy holding a big Easter egg

Tisoy, on the other hand, ignores people and dogs as well. But in truth, he may just be scared of other dogs, hahaha.
Taking a drink

We just had to bring drinking water for them but no food because we prefer to feed them at home. Tisoy and Epoy don’t eat in the mall anyway since their excitement deadens their appetite.
Relaxing under the table

Snacking at Momo resto

But for humans, we eat at Momo, a resto inside the mall. While eating, Epoy and Tisoy could take a rest and relax a bit.
Tisoy and the mime

Eastwood, definitely, is a place for pet lovers!

Monday, April 11, 2011


By Epoy

It’s my turn to tell the story. We came back to the hot spring pool last Saturday, April 9, 2011. The weather was not as sunny like the last week but the water, as expected, was tepid.
Ninong with the dogs

The kids enjoyed the warm water despite the occasional gusty wind. There were lots of food. By the way, Tisoy did not eat breakfast. Maybe due to over excitement.
Ninang with the dogs

It was a blessing that Tisoy and I were allowed to roam by the poolside. I was trying to look at the water but everytime I do that, Ninang would yell to stop me. I might fall down on the water, she said.
Kids with the dogs

Tisoy had wanted to try to slide but he was reprimanded with his attempt. We were thinking of wallowing in the kid’s pool since no one was there.
Epoy on the raft

One of the kids brought along a toy raft. Lo and behold, Ninang put me on top of the raft. I felt like I was on sailboat. It was pretty cool, I tell you. Nice raft. I’m sure Tisoy was so envious, hahaha.
lunch time

As usual, I had dog food for lunch and Tisoy was given pork sinigang. It was appetizing to eat since we felt a little cold.

After lunch, we were dried with the towel and off we went to one of the rooms. Since it was an airconed room, it was nice to sleep. However, Tisoy kept on barking once in a while to no avail. Ninang wanted us to sleep.
Tisoy ready to go home

Epoy ready to go home

At the day’s end, after paying 4,000 pesos to the resort’s caretaker, we left Pansol at exactly 5:30 pm. We reached the expressway after 1 hour of heavy traffic in the small roads of Calamba, Rizal.
So nice to be on the raft

That’s all folks. Ninong wouldn’t want to come back anymore because of that monstrous traffic.

Monday, April 4, 2011


By Tisoy

We left our house at exactly 5:30 in the morning of Saturday. But we had to pass by the market to picku up the ordered barbecue and also prawns.

Entering the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway), the traffic was horrendous. Grabe talaga. After 30 minutes of snail-paced movement, we saw the culprit – parked in the fast lane of the expressway were 2 trucks.

Our driver was already hungry so we spent another 30 minutes in Jollibee just to buy breakfast because there were so many customers. After eating in the car we proceeded to Laguna.

The toll gate was grabe again because it couldn’t accommodate the vehicles. The long line to the toll gate stretched back to 2 kilometers. That’s right, the line to the cashier was 2 kilometers long.
the expansive living room of the resort

Finally we reached Pansol, Laguna after more than 2 hours of travel. I was already hungry but my excitement was my priority.

We arrived at the private swimming pool at exactly 8:30. Wow, nice place, nice pool, nice room with aircon and clean beds. I hastily made weewee on the kitchen floor while Epoy did his thing on the mat.
that's our bedroom door

The blue water of the pool was inviting but I was not allowed to take a dip. You see, the pool is only for humans.
real nice swimming pool with warm water

Nevertheless, Epoy and I enjoyed the bonding with the humans. I forgot to say that it was also our lola's birthday.