Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It is a coincidence that Barbie was born on June 4, the birthday of our beloved Epoy. And being also a pekingese, we have this feeling that Epoy was back.

We never thought that Barbie would be given to us because why would one give away a cute white pekingese? To dog lovers like us, that’s okay I guess.
Pokwang with her 5-day old pups

We got the surprise of our life when Dra. May, Epoy’s long time vet, informed us that her dog Pokwang gave birth to 2 pups which she named Barbie and Bambi. The surprise was – she will give us one of the pups.

Dropping by Dra. May’s clinic by the Marikina River in Barangka on June 9, we saw Barbie for the first time. A pekingese with cotton white coat. She was quite big compared to Bambi. But she’s a lot cuter.

A week after that, we visited Barbie again. But our excitement was deadened when Dra. May said that we can have Barbie after 2 months, the time when she is weaned from Pokwang.

But the waiting was worth it. On July 25, Barbie was finally ours. As she entered the car, she was gazing around as if trying to recognize things. Remember, this was the first time that Barbie got out of the clinic.
Barbie in her first car ride

As the car moved on, I noticed that the white puppy was staring at me. And when I touched her chin, she tried to grope for my hand then licked it. That was a very good introduction of sorts.
Carried by Ninang, Barbie's first bonding with the rock pigeon Twinkle

And finally when we reached home, Barbie looked glad. Why? Because Tisoy, our 5-year old spitz, looked very much like Pokwang.
First bath

Barbie’s first noticeable idiosyncrasy was her penchant for biting. She would playfully bite anything that comes her way. So it’s a risk to carry her innocently because she could bite your nose.
Inside her cage

For protection from Tisoy, we re-used Epoy’s cage so Barbie can have more space. We also bought a toy for her to chew on. And for toilet training, the old newspaper is a good matting.

When let loose in the terrace or in our concrete garden, Barbie would trot like a little horse. But she would react whenever she hears her name.

In a month or two, hopefully, Barbie would be getting her freedom to join Tisoy and Pipoy, our dynamic pug.


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