Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sponsored by Pet Express, the Doggie Run commenced at the Mall of Asia grounds on a clear Saturday morning of March 26, 2011.

We arrived at around 5:45 am and the entries were already in the assembly area. For 300 pesos, the registration included a bib for the dog and a nice yellow t-shirt for the owner plus a carrying bag.
our ringside seat

How we loved to have joined. But Epoy, our cute pekingese, couldn’t run with his small feet. And Tisoy, our daring spitz, would only invite injury. You see, Tisoy has malformed forefeet and hind feet as well.
savoring the early morning sea breeze

We first proceeded to the seaside to park our car and also to check if lola was already there. Nope, they were not around yet so we went back to the road so we could watch the doggie runners.
a pug in admiration

a tired shih tzu

And there they goooo! Yellow objects were moving from afar and towards our direction. We positioned ourselves in the island but later on decided to sit on the curb for a more comfortable position.
small dogs

Big dogs, small dogs, shaggy dogs, so many dogs. Some entries were panting and salivating while some others were carried by their owners, not in surrender but just a gesture of sportsmanship.
big dogs

more big dogs

There were 2 routes, a longer one for the real runners and a shorter route for the pseudo runners. We tried our best to capture most of the entries with our camera.
tired dog

There were more than 500 runners. And when the runners were dwindling, that’s when we remembered our date. Who’s our date? Ehra - our online friend from Bulacan.
big dog and big owner

We gave Ehra our description – a white dog and a small brown dog beside a wheelchair of our lola. That’s easy to spot. But with Ehra, the only identifier was the brown coat of a mixed poodle. Note: Ehra said that she saw us even without the wheelchair.
Tisoy being chased by a fan

After the race, we went to the seaside and met lola in her wheelchair. There we had breakfast and a short stroll, waiting for Ehra. But we didn't see her at all. Maybe she was tired?
Indeed, that's Ehra, the friendly dog from Bulacan

Our camera spotted a small brown dog with entry number 203 walking by the playground of the seaside area. Hmm, maybe she was Ehra. She walked too fast so she didn't hear our call.

With so much dogs to see, that was a fairly nice morning for us.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Note: As related by Epoy, the pekingese.

People are surprised whenever they learn that Tisoy and I are car riders. Their usual question is regarding the call of nature as if we don’t have toilet training.

Much more surprising, maybe, if they get to know that we have travelled far and wide. We regularly go to the Mall of Asia on weekend mornings and I’ve been to the hot springs of Los Baños, to Tagaytay and even to faraway Baguio.

Our first trip to the Mountain Province last year was a milestone of sorts because it was a 7-hour trip. But the itinerary was well planned so we didn’t encounter any problem especially about our feeding and nature calls.

Early this year, we again went to Baguio with our Ninang, Ninong, and Mommy. Only Twinkle was left in the house because she couldn’t stand the ride. Besides, pigeons don’t really travel by car, you know.

Together with our cousin’s family who owns the van that we used, we left for Baguio before dawn. Along the way, I had a good sleep on Ninang’s lap while Tisoy, who was placed on the van’s floor, was wide awake all the time.
Feeding the fishes at the ISDAAN resto

Midway in the trip, we stopped by Tarlac in time for breakfast. The vast parking lot of Isdaan Restaurant provided for our physical needs.

Since I am on a prescription diet, only Tisoy was allowed to sample the food served in that fancy restaurant. But I enjoyed the sights though especially the fishes in the man-made pond.

Back in the van, I was on Mommy’s lap this time and Tisoy was beside Ninang. That’s so Tisoy would feel safer when we reach the zigzag road.

Another precaution taken before the climb was the stopover in La Union. While the van was gassing up, Tisoy and I relieved ourselves in the small garden of the gas station.

As we ascended the start of the zigzag in Kennon Road, something exploded and everyone felt suffocated. Good thing that the van had a sun roof that could be opened to refresh the polluted air inside the van.

The explosion was repeated for the second time and for the third time. If there is a King of Hearts, Tisoy is truly the King of Farts.
Seating arrangement in the van

At the Kilometer 15 post, the van suddenly puttered then petered out. Good thing that Uncle Doc, who was driving, was able to properly park the van by the roadside.

Baguio air is cool in the morning but it was nearing noontime so it was getting warmer. And for a pekingese like me, my thick coat couldn’t stand room temperature. I need an airconditioner or else…

With haste, Ninang carried me and motioned to my mommy to carry Tisoy. We had no choice but to leave the van to the car of Ninong and Doc and Tita Meanne.

Together with the kids, we boarded the first bus that came along. We were fortunate that the bus conductor initially thought that we were babies wrapped in blankets.

It was a natural reaction for the passengers to look at us. Good thing that Tisoy didn’t bark at the passengers. Another good thing was that Tisoy had controlled his tear gas bomb. As for me, of course, I am used to being adored by strangers.

Upon reaching the bus terminal, we immediately hailed a cab. Unlike in Manila, Baguio taxi drivers are accommodating and polite, giving me a feeling that they liked dogs.

In the vacation house, we were free to roam the expanse of the living room. Since it was our second time there, I already knew the refreshing feeling of the cool wooden floor. However, the cold nights made me shiver because Baguio is coldest in January.

Last year we enjoyed the parks but this year we couldn’t stroll anymore. There is an ordinance prohibiting pets in Baguio parks. With restaurants, we are used to having our meal in the parking area.

And since the van was not repaired on time, we had to charter a vehicle. The 6,500 pesos we paid for the rented van was not really expensive considering the smooth ride home.

When travelling, pets should have clothes for cold weather, mat and blanket for sleeping, enough food and other paraphernalia. And after passing the test for motion sickness then be ready, get pet, and go!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Bad news: Blood pressure reading - 190 over 130. Medication required, restricted diet, diversion advised.

Stress is the number one enemy of my ailment. And since I was prescribed to indulge in entertainment so I regularly watch, not the tv and not a movie either but a live show.

Showing everyday in our home is Tales From Heads To Tails, a collection of real life skits. The continuing series features Epoy, our short-legged pekingese, Tisoy, our white spitz/pomeranian and for the cameo role is Twinkle, our mischievous rock pigeon.

First showing is 4:30 am. The setting is our bedroom. Tisoy, who sleeps on my husband’s side of the bed, whines to wake us up. Understandably, my husband reciprocates with a curt reprimand. Stymied but not defeated, Tisoy goes to my side of the bed where Epoy is sleeping. Tisoy nudges Epoy. In a few moments, Epoy stands, looks around then barks. I don’t have the guts to argue with Epoy so I rise to let Tisoy out. (Read related article Do Not Eat Salt, It’s A Sin, January 2009 issue of Animal Scene).

Meanwhile, Epoy moves to the other side to catch the attention of my husband. Our fawn-colored pet barks then struts with matching acrobatic moves, a clear indication that he wants a back scratch. With compassion winning over sleepiness, my husband stretches his arm to scratch Epoy.

Breakfast time. The setting is our living room. The dogs exhibit their manners because they just wait until the humans were finished. But before that awaited feeding time, here comes Twinkle like a kamikaze plane landing on the dining table. She sizes up our mood and if we don’t drive her away, she gets bolder by pecking on the crumbs on the table. After finishing the crumbs, Twinkle soars, glides then lands on the back of my chair. That’s our pigeon’s way of asking for more crumbs.

But in times when she was driven away from the dining table, Twinkle perches on the nearest electric fan and waits like a lurking vulture. And if you think she is that submissive, think again when she exacts her revenge at night.

Daytime. The setting is our terrace. The dogs have a rawhide bone each. Tisoy is gnawing on his while Epoy just looks on. Obviously, Epoy has difficulty in chewing the sturdy rawhide bone. After successfully disassembling the rawhide bone in two, Tisoy pushes the smaller piece to Epoy.

When the rawhide bone loses it’s flavor, Tisoy goes for the whole piece that belonged to Epoy while Epoy looks for a place to nap. But the scene is not over yet until the pigeon comes along. She glides and goes straight for the small piece of rawhide bone left by Epoy. Expect to find it beside Twinkle’s nest.

The edible rawhide bone is really a treat to our pets. But anything that’s excessive is not good so we set a limit of one piece (each for Epoy and Tisoy) each day. And when Tisoy would insist, he would get a reprimand in return. And in times like that, Tisoy would wait for a chance to any of our slipper. And he would only give it back in lieu of the coveted rawhide bone.

Primetime. Coming home from work and going upstairs, I hear the welcoming coo of Twinkle who regularly stays in her nest located beside our bedroom door. But if I had shooed away from the breakfast table that morning, it’s sure as daylight that she would chase me and peck on my feet.

Mealtime. Tisoy sheds off his manners whenever our dinner is his favorite. He nudges my leg with his snout. And if ignored, he taps my leg with his paw several times or until I give in. Almost always, Tisoy’s dramatic prowess earns him morsels.

Bedtime. The setting is our bedroom where the dogs retire. In times when my husband is so tired, he falls asleep, causing the newspaper he was reading to fall on the floor. Tisoy slowly looks around to assess the situation. And if he realizes that we humans were already asleep, he quietly picks up the reading material and quietly tears the pages into small but elongated pieces. And after getting the longest piece, he moves to my side and drops it like an offering in front of Epoy.

In the car. In going to the market, the dogs are left inside the car together with my husband. When the sun is up and the weather gets warmer, Epoy gives my husband a sharp stare, a hint to turn on the aircon. And if Epoy is ignored, Epoy gasps as if he couldn’t breath. Expectedly, our award-winning actor always gets his wish.

Inside the moving car. Always in the front passenger seat, Epoy falls asleep in savoring the cool air of the car aircon while Tisoy is seated at the back, looking at the window. Sometimes the scent of the car’s air freshener is deadened by tear gas-like emission from Tisoy’s behind. Talk of a farting dog. And it’s unbelievable that Epoy wakes up and sneezes several times.

Bath time. Upon hearing the magic word, Epoy runs with glee while Tisoy slyly moves to hide under the table or under the sofa. There are times that Twinkle joins the bathing session. Like our dogs, Twinkle has her own bathing basin and towel. And unlike the dogs, she doesn’t use soap.

Watching Tales From The Heads To Tails is exhilarating, relaxing and therapeutic. That may be the main reason why my blood pressure is maintained at the normal level.