Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sponsored by PDO (Philippine Dog Owners) of Rizal, Pasig, Marikina chapters, the successful dog costume contest was held in SM Marikina on October 30, 2011.
The author in a pose

The affair started in the morning but we arrived after lunch. On the stage was Francis Cleofas, a dog behaviorist, giving out tips to dog owners. One particular item we took note was “when correcting your dog, do not mention his name.”
Dog behaviorist Francis Cleofas

Noticeable was the presence of Queen Truffles, a perennial contest winner. Her last conquest was the fashion show at the BHS (Boni Hi Street in Bonifacio Global City) pet affair last October 16.
Queen Truffles beside her owner Mark Vincent Carillo of SGV. Notice the eyelashes of the Queen.

Mark Vincent Carillo, proud owner of Truffles, lives in Sampaloc. “Magastos nga kasi sa taxi pa lang eh five hundred na agad,” Mark laments but actually just wants to express his sacrifice for the sheer love of his dog.
Tisoy leads the parade of dogs followed by Epoy who is being carried

There were 12 entries to the dog costume contest. But before the judging, a parade was held around the ground floor of the mall. Owners of non-contestant dogs were so glad because their dogs were allowed to join the parade.
The parade of dogs around the area

The contestants for the costume contest are:
1. Princess, the flamboyant poodle

2. Pierre, the miniature shih tzu

3. Hachi in a bridal gown

4. Vodka, the immaculate white dog

5. Toddler, the teacup chihuahua

6. Jughead in a dunce cap

7. Coco, the black shih tzu

8. Dollar, the attention-getter shih tzu

9. Migs in a unique attire

10. Bridget in full battle regalia

11. Robbie, the grave-digger shih tzu

12. Frances, the egyptian shih tzu

The judges were Mark Vincent Carillo, Honey Tenorio, the SM assistant manager, and Milan Arriola, part of the event organizing group.
The judges... from left: Milan Arriola, Honey Tenorio, Mark Vincent Carillo

To give ample time in tabulating the scores, a photo op with the contestants took the stage. Epoy, our pekingese, seized the opportunity.
Some of the contestants
Toddler and Epoy

After a long deliberation and thorough checking of the scores, the auditors came up with the 3 winners….
The contestants waiting for the verdict

1. Adjudged the cutest dog was Toddler
2. The funniest dog was Migs
3. The most creative costume winner was Bridget
Winners all: Toddler, Migs, Bridget

After a short pictorial, the awarding of prizes ended the affair. Hopefully there would be another such affair before the year ends.
The PDO registration at the background

We joined the PDO (Philippine Dog Owners) since we are bona-fide dog owners and certified dog lovers too.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Who Let The Dogs Out - 2 pm, October 22, 2011 at BHS (Boni Hi Street) in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.
Tisoy and Epoy both excited to leave for BHS

The trickling shower made the afternoon a bit cooler although a bit wetter. At least Epoy wouldn’t suffer from the crippling heat.
Epoy in the registration booth

Like the previous week in BHS, pets started coming in an hour after the start of registration. But the early birds were treated to free copies of Animal Scene magazine.

As usual there were giveaways like treats from Value Meal, free nail clipping by Dogs in the City and free consultation courtesy of BSF (Beterinaryo Sa Fort).
Dr. Leo Guzman with his health care talk

Dr. Leo Guzman of BSF gave a talk about health care of dogs and entertained some questions from the audience. He also mentioned that the lifespan of dogs is from 12 to 18 years, i.e. according to his experience. And 10-year old dogs should be treated as geriartric pets.
Lestre Zapanta, the so-called Dog Whisperer

Lester Zapanta, our very own dog whisperer, gave tips in handling unruly dogs. He also explained why sometimes dogs feel threatened with our casual moves like excessive talking and sudden movements.
Cocoy, the biting dog, with his handler Michele

The dog bite

An unfortunate incident happened when I was bitten by Cocoy, a chihuahua, who is a spoiled pet according to owner Maribel Cortez. It’s a good thing that Cocoy has complete vaccine shots.

Charlie is a female pomeranian

Spoiled by the sad incident we decided to go home and forego with the parlor games that commenced right after the talks. There was also a pet fashion show and the affair was to culminate in the pet blessing.

It seems that BHS is getting to be a favorite venue of pet affairs. Hopefully there would be another event before Christmas.
Siberian Huskies all

A little furbaby

Look ma, 4 shoes

Monday, October 17, 2011


We brought Epoy and Tisoy to the pet blessing at Boni Hi Street in Bonifacio Global City last Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011.
Group shot with Epoy and Tisoy

Since the sun was shining brightly, we looked for a cozy place to have lunch. And the lucky place was TGI Fridays. But we felt unlucky because the service was so bad. The waiter had to come back several times just to confirm our order. And another couple of time to inform us that the item was not available.
Another posing shot

After lunch we proceeded to Hobbes and Landes for dessert. It was a very nice toy store simply because they allow pets inside. So Epoy, our pekingese, is saved from the torturous heat of the noon time sun.
Tisoy and Epoy resting in Hobbes and Landes toy store

The registration for the affair started at 1 pm.
Tisoy sizing up the Akita

There were few registrants but by 2:30 pm, the venue was swelling with a lot of pets.
Kier Legaspi and his doberman

Kier Legaspi, the actor, was there with his trained doberman. There was also the dachshund which was dressed like a beauty queen. Some others attended in simple attire.
Posing with Kier Legaspi

By 3pm. the parade began with Epoy and Tisoy in the lead pack. It was actually a stroll around the Boni Hi Street area.
The parade starts now!

Tisoy is obviously tired already

Tired after the parade, we took a pass to the parlor games and proceeded to Brother’s Burger for a good merienda.
Having a snack at Brother's Burger

But we were monitoring the event because the pet blessing was to follow after some parlor games.
Free balloons

Some booths were giving away samples and gifts. The balloons were a hit not only to the kids but for adults as well.
Blessing by the officiating priest of Epoy and Tisoy

At around 4:30 pm, the pet blessing was held. Fortunately, Epoy and Tisoy were able to get a seat near the front. Pet blessing certificates were distributed afterwards.
Queen of Africa

It was a successful affair. Even if our dogs couldn’t speak, we feel that they enjoyed the day at Boni Hi Street.
Queen of Santacruzan