Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday invite from TISOY and TWINKLE

Check out the invitation below.

For those needing to get a detailed direction to our house, please post a comment here or email You are all invited to the party. So please note down the date.

Advanced birthday gift for Tisoy and Twinkle... from Paris Zurbito.

Belated birthday gift for Epoy... from Paris Zurbito.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


It's June 4, 1011. It's a Saturday. And it's my 8th birthday.
My birthday cake

It’s really sad because I felt sick in the morning of my birthday. I vomitted 3 times so I felt very weak.
Some of my guests during the video viewing

Together with Tisoy, we were placed in the bedroom so we can rest because some people were already arriving even before lunch.
Pictorial with the food

I didn’t have lunch. I was given medicine to stop my vomitting. So I felt weaker even more. Good thing that Tisoy was with me so I could relax in the bedroom.
Eating time

At around 3 pm, Ninang got me for the birthday cake pictorial. I saw that there were many kids already. Then we went out to the terrace for the food.
Video viewing time

After a short prayer, my guests sang for me. Then they started eating. Me? I went back to the bedroom. No food for me yet.
My cake with Ninang

The menu was led by spaghetti followed by pork barbecue and fried chicken leg. There was also ice cream and other desserts. Of course, appetizers too.
Dr. Ignacio checking on me

Tisoy was out of the bedroom to savor the fun. Aside from the food, there was the palaro portion with cash as prizes.
Palaro time

It was really a fun day for the guests. It looked as if everybody was so happy…. except me, huhuhu.

For dinner, I was given rice broth with egg yolk. That’s soft diet for me.

Good thing that I began to feel better the following day.