Friday, October 26, 2012


By Tisoy

Ninong had another meeting so off to BHS we go. In case you don’t know, Bonifacio High Street is in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. It is a dog-friendly place.

We had lunch in a Singaporean resto where the food looked more like Chinese food. It is a good thing that Ninang ordered Hainanese Chicken for me. Wow, so great a taste.
Ninang with Barbie posing by the 3 Volvo cars

It is also a good thing that we got the al fresco table in the corner. Unlike last week where our table was located in the center. This time we were not disturbed by passers by.

Barbie and Pipoy appeared relaxed especially during the meal. As I said, I had chicken but my siblings had their dog food. Maybe next time they will have a taste of that wonderful Hainanese Chicken.
Pipoy feeling hungry already

There were plenty of dogs but most of the people notice us. Perhaps my white color and also of Barbie is really eye-catching. But Pipoy insists that people see him as very cute, hahaha.

When Ninong left, we strolled the length of BHS. Even at early afternoon, there were already lots of people and also pets.

Like before, we savored the cool air of the fountain. But before that, we had dessert in Hobbes and Landes, actually to avail of their airconditioning, hehehe.
Resting on the grassy area

Before 4 o’clock, Ateng and her family arrived. Ate Am-am took Pipoy’s leash while Barbie remains carried by Ninang. You know why? Barbie bites, hahaha, playfully though.

Ninong came back after 5 o’clock. We stayed on the grassy area for a pictorial and also to play. There were some tourists who wanted to have their picture taken with Barbie. I wonder why they don’t like to pose with me.
The Korean lady wanting to have a photo with Barbie

As the sun went down, we walked to the northern part. That’s a newly-renovated area looking like an odeon of the olden times. Many people were seated on the concrete grandstand although there was nothing to see.

A bit later, we went to Bon Chon. It’s a Korean chicken, cheap but delicious. Ate Am-am likes it. However, there was no al fresco area and pets were not allowed inside.
Ateng and family resting by the fountain

Ninong looked for a place to have dinner. Voila! There was the Kabisera ni Dencio. It’s a resto serving native dishes. Quite good, looks okay.

For dinner, Barbie and Pipoy had their dog food. And for me? Well, I was treated to a slab of crispy pata. So nice to dine out with food like that.
The new area in BHS

At around 9 o’clock, Ninong got the car and picked us up. Obviously, everyone was tired of walking, hahaha.


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